Jul, 01New Website in the Works
We currently have a brand new website in the process of being built. It will add a new look and added functionality for a better web experience. Keep your eyes open for the new site in the next few weeks. In the meantime, stay up to date by clicking "like" on our Facebook page!
Dauphin County ConventionJun, 14
During the past week, the Rescue and Tanker were cleaned inside and out in prep for the Annual Dauphin County Fireman's Convention. Crews loaded up and headed to Wiconisco for this year's event. The Rescue and Tanker both received 2nd place in their respective categories. Great job guys!
Jun, 03May Stats
For the month of May, Linglestown Firefighters answered 24 alarms. It was a slow month, which is a good thing for our residents as everyone appears to be operating in a safe manner. The top 5 responders for the month were Chauffeur J. Edward Crum with 20 calls, Chauffeur Russ Coyne with 14 calls, Fire Police Captain Bill Twilley with 13 calls, and Chauffeur Ray Magaro, Firefighter Chuck Hoffer, and Chief Bill Payne all with 12 calls. The average turnout was 11 firefighters and 2 fire police officers per call.
Lt. DiSanto Begins Deployment OrdersMay, 03
This weekend Lt. Nic DiSanto began his deployment adventure. He will be serving the citizens of our Country for the better part of a year. The members and officers wish Nic well and look forward to his safe return in the coming year.
May, 01April Stats
For the month of April, Company 35 answered 33 alarms. The top responders for the month were Chauffeur Russ Coyne with 31 calls, Chauffeur J. Edward Crum with 27 calls, FF Brittni Scott with 20 calls, Assistant Chief Sean Harp with 19 calls, Assistant Chief Dan Crum and FF Chuck Hoffer with 18 calls.
Barn Fire in Middle Paxton TownshipApr, 29
Engine and Tanker 35 are currently operating at a barn fire in Middle Paxton Township assisting Company 38 as well as several other mutual aide partners. Be safe everyone.
Apr, 28Flash Flood Watch
The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch for our area until Thursday afternoon. With expected heavy rains through the next couple of days, please allow extra time if you travel. Ensure during the rain your headlights are on and that your wipers are functioning properly. Never drive through flooded roadways.
Busy SundayApr, 13
Yesterday was a busy day for the Linglestown Fire Company. Crews were alerted to a structure fire in the area of Fargreen Rd and Linglestown Rd in Susquehanna Township just after 0830. Crews spent 2 hours assisting Company 37 and mutual aide partners. During this incident, several members were also in attendance for our Basket Bingo. We would like to thank those who stayed behind to assist with that event. After everything was settled down and the Bingo was finished, crews were getting ready for the return of first family ... more
Apr, 01March Stats
For the month of March, Company 35 answered 34 calls for service. The average turnout per incident was 13 Firefighters and 1 Fire Police Officer. The top 5 responders were Chauffeur J. Edward Crum with 26 calls, Firefighter Albert "Jake" Flowers with 19 calls, Firefighter Kirk Flowers with 18 calls, Lieutenant Nic Disanto and Chauffeur Ray Magaro with 16 calls. ... more
Spring Ahead!Mar, 08
Tonight we "Spring Forward" in time. Remember to save a little time to change those batteries in the smoke detectors. That extra minute could help save you and your family. ... more
Mar, 01Monthly Stats
For the month of February, Company 35 answered 26 alarms for service. The average turnout was 11 firefighters and 1 fire police officer. The top 5 responders are: 1. Chauffeur J. Edward Crum with 18 calls 2. Assistant Chief Dan Crum with 18 calls 3. Firefighter Eric Whitsel with 14 calls 4. Captain Will Freeman with 12 calls 5. Assistant Chief Jeff Phillips with 12 calls ... more
January StatsJan, 31
For the month of January, Company 35 answered 37 calls. We averaged 10 firefighters and 2 fire police officers per call. The top 5 responders of the month were: 1. Chauffeur J. Edward Crum with 30 calls 2. Chauffeur Ray Magaro with 22 calls 3. Firefighter Frank Mottola with 22 calls. 4. Lieutenant Nic Disanto with 19 calls 5. Assistant Chief Dan Crum with 19 calls. ... more
Jan, 27Passing of a Life Member
This past Tuesday, Life Member Ralph Swenson passed away at Harrisburg Hospital alongside his wife Ruth and daughter, Carol. For over 40 years, he was a dedicated member of our fire company. He served as a trustee, but was best known for cooking at the catering events in the social hall - especially his filling balls! I can remember people requesting them when they were planning their events. It goes without saying, that Ralph was one of those members that didn't need to be "on the knob" to put the fires out. His contributions ... more
2 Soup SaleJan, 21
This Saturday, The Linglestown Fire Company will be hosting our annual Ham and Bean and Chicken Corn Soup Sale. Doors open at 10am and will be open until sold out. The kitchen will also be open for lunch with several food options and deserts. Stop on by for lunch and meet and support your local volunteer firefighters. We look forward to seeing you. ... more
Jan, 13Air35 Assists on the 29 Box
Today units were sent to South River Road in Halifax for a report of a tractor trailer into a house. With updated info of it to be well involved in fire, Company 29 officers requested the first alarm, bringing the Air Unit. The Air crew assisted with cylinders and overhaul. ... more
Standby at PalmyraJan, 11
This afternoon crews from Linglestown and Middletown headed to Palmyra's station to provide standby services while their members enjoyed the annual banquet. Crews ran one call while on standby. Thank you as always to the Station 1 boys for their hospitality and great meal! ... more
Jan, 07Chimney Fire in the 3 Box
Tonight as members were gathering for maintenance night and training, box 35-3 was dispatched for a chimney fire. Station 35 went responding with all apparatus and arrived to find fire from the top of the chimney. After investigating further, crews discovered that the fire had extended into the side of the house. After a lengthy and icy overhaul, crews cleaned up the frozen ladders and tools and picked up. Special thanks to the fire police for securing the scene, as well as the neighbor who brought down hot cocoa! ... more
End of Year StatsJan, 01
For the month of December, Company 35 answered 34 alarms. The Top 5 responders were Chauffeur J. Edward Crum with 23 calls, Lieutenant Nic Disanto with 19 calls, Chauffeur Ray Magaro with 19 calls, Assistant Chief Sean Harp with 18 calls, and Firefighter Albert Flowers with 16 calls. To bring another successful year to an end, Company 35 answered a total of 399 calls for services, not including OIC calls. The top 10 responders for the year were: 1. Chauffeur J. Edward Crum with 266 calls 2. Assistant Chief Dan Crum ... more
Dec, 30Grantville Restaurant Fire
Early this morning, Engine, Truck, and Tanker 35 as well as Fire Police assisted Company 39 with a working restaurant fire. Crews assisted with various tasks and activities and were deployed for almost 6 hours. A special thanks goes to Middletown and Palmyra Fire Companies for spending the night in Linglestown while our crews were hard at work. Hopefully next time we can get you a call for all the help you provide us. ... more
Ladies' Auxiliary Sworn InDec, 16
Today the 2014 Officers were sworn in for another year! Today we want to extend our thanks to our past, present, and future Ladies Auxiliary members. Without their constant help and dedication we wouldn't be here as the company we are today. If you are a female interested in becoming a member, please contact us or see a member for details. Just a reminder that help anywhere from anyone is always needed and greatly appreciated from everyone even if you want to or don't want to be a firefighter. ... more

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